Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stolen Pieces......

So far i have had two pieces stolen, or taken down. The first one happened on November 9, which was two weeks after I put up my "lifesaver" yarnbomb. I really loved that one and put a lot of effort into making that one. I have a god idea of when it was taken just not by whom. I like to think that someone admired it so much that they just HAD to have it. It would be nice to know what did happen to it.

The other one that got taken happened overnight. I put up two red and white stripped candy cane pieces during the evening. When I drove by the next day one of them was gone. :( I don't know why just one of them was taken down. The other one (fingers crossed) does not look like it has been messed with. I don't mind if people take them down, i just hope they went to a good home and weren't taken down out of malice.

If you know what happened to them you can write me in my guest book. I would Greatly appreciate it. :)

Happy holidays!!

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