Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something shall come eventually

I put my yarnbomb making on the back burner for the holidays. I made 3 scarf and hat sets in about a week and a few days. I was A LOT of work, but everyone loved their gifts so it was WELL worth it!! :) I am trying to decide what colors I want to do next. I think orange and blue, for my sister. She mentioned that one time.

I also want to make some clovers for St. Patrick's day and yarnbomb the local Irish pub! TEE HEE!

On a different not, someone had emailed me about what happened to my life saver yarnbomb. Thanks for letting me know!!!

Date Received12/20/2010 12:17 AM
Your name Cathy

Enter your message Hi - Just to let you know, your Lifesaver yarn bomb at the corner of Ransom and Chicago was cut off by city employees. My husband saw them in them in the act. :-( Drove a friend from out of town around to see your creations. Love the turkey!!    

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