Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stolen Pieces......

So far i have had two pieces stolen, or taken down. The first one happened on November 9, which was two weeks after I put up my "lifesaver" yarnbomb. I really loved that one and put a lot of effort into making that one. I have a god idea of when it was taken just not by whom. I like to think that someone admired it so much that they just HAD to have it. It would be nice to know what did happen to it.

The other one that got taken happened overnight. I put up two red and white stripped candy cane pieces during the evening. When I drove by the next day one of them was gone. :( I don't know why just one of them was taken down. The other one (fingers crossed) does not look like it has been messed with. I don't mind if people take them down, i just hope they went to a good home and weren't taken down out of malice.

If you know what happened to them you can write me in my guest book. I would Greatly appreciate it. :)

Happy holidays!!

Oopsy! :)

I have inadvertently made a new yarn bomb. I was making a stripped scarf for the annual family Christmas gift exchange. After a long long time i looked back at what I had done and realized that i missed a stitch one third of the way up. Since I had made it stripped I couldn't just undo what I had done and redo everything, so now i have a new one to put up. I need to go measure some poles in the neighborhood to see where it can go.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My name is Mj. "Hi Mj!" lol :) I started yarn bombing around April or May of 2010. I had joined a Stitch N' Bitch group sometime before that, and in a newsletter there was a mention about yarnbombing. It sparked my curiosity! I looked it up on Wikipedia and fell MADLY in love!! I wanted to be apart of this hug movement of "rouge knitters." Ever since then it's been loads of fun.

My first one was a pink and white striped street sign pole. The Christmas before my wonderful mother bought me yarn because i was getting heavily involved in crocheting again. So I thought to myself that the pink and white yarn would match well with the plant that went half way up the pole. While I was putting it up at ten o'clock at night the neighbor, whom I knew, came home. He asked what I was doing and he loved it!

 Soon after I made another one. It was purple and green.
And after that I've done it wherever I could. Everywhere I went I tried to do something, leave my tag.

Eventually I got a website, and some "business cards" for tags to leave on my yarn bombs. I have received several email and form submissions from the website. Its been great fun!!