Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Santa Monica :) YAY!!!

     One day I found out about this yarnbombing event it Santa Monica, Ca. I am so so so super excited about it!! I went to the first meeting on February 19th. It was so great and so inspirational to be in such an artsy atmosphere! I loved being at the 18th street arts center. I went and picked out my spot I wanted. I saw a photo of all the areas that were up for grabs and I instantly fell in love with this section where there are some poles in front a building that prevent the building from being hit. Also, next to that there was a bunch of poles for gas meters and such. I am super super excited to do this. There are a great bunch of people whom are working on this whole project. So far I have about two feet done for a "no parking" sign pole.

I already have something that I want to put up that was donated to me from Ted Elliott who's wife Jan Elliott made sometime before she passed away earlier this year. This will be a tribute to her. I can't wait for the next meeting. I really need to get working on these things so the will be ready for June. 

Craft on my crafty friends!!