Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My name is Mj. "Hi Mj!" lol :) I started yarn bombing around April or May of 2010. I had joined a Stitch N' Bitch group sometime before that, and in a newsletter there was a mention about yarnbombing. It sparked my curiosity! I looked it up on Wikipedia and fell MADLY in love!! I wanted to be apart of this hug movement of "rouge knitters." Ever since then it's been loads of fun.

My first one was a pink and white striped street sign pole. The Christmas before my wonderful mother bought me yarn because i was getting heavily involved in crocheting again. So I thought to myself that the pink and white yarn would match well with the plant that went half way up the pole. While I was putting it up at ten o'clock at night the neighbor, whom I knew, came home. He asked what I was doing and he loved it!

 Soon after I made another one. It was purple and green.
And after that I've done it wherever I could. Everywhere I went I tried to do something, leave my tag.

Eventually I got a website, and some "business cards" for tags to leave on my yarn bombs. I have received several email and form submissions from the website. Its been great fun!!

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