Sunday, May 22, 2011

Santa Monica May 21, 2011


     Went to this months meeting alone. My partner in crime had a wedding to go to so she couldn't make it. BUUUTTT I did get a lot done in the past two months. So far I have the no parking sign/ 4x4 post/ white pole done. They are all right next to each other so I had to make it larger the farther down I went. The colors look awesome!!! I should have brought it so I could put it up, but oh well. I also finished the pole that goes diagonally down on the outside of the building where all my other poles are. It is a yarn that is variegated and goes from dark green to light green to white and starts all over again. I want it to look like ivy and not a pole which I think I accomplished well! YAY!!! :) So i have started on the pole people, which i ned to figure out how to give them arms. I could just have them laying straight down, which would make it way way easy but then where is the fun in not complicating my yarnbombing project even more!!! So after that I am going to work on the white pole that are connected to the no parking sign pole. And if i have time, a.k.a get off my lazy ass and start crocheting like there is no tomorrow (LOL "rapture"), then I will be able to get this all done! YAY!

I love going to the meetings and seeing what the others are working on. This one girl named Laura made a gigantic heart, a real looking one. It looks so great!! I am so excited for this to be done!!

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